Our Mission

Helping Accident Victims

Helping Accident Victims

Case Management Consultants of Michigan has a single driving mission, to identify and assist those individuals who need help most. The Case Management Consultants of Michigan Team consists solely of medical professionals who have embraced the need to balance information, justice, access, and quality care with cost-efficient healthcare delivery strategies. Case Management Consultants of Michigan does not take sides. We hold as our two symbols, the Scales of Justice, and the Medical Emblem, to symbolize impartiality, fairness, justice, competent delivery, and equality of healthcare under the laws that govern accident victim healthcare in Michigan.

The Need

The need is far greater than Case Management Consultants of Michigan’s power to serve. In Michigan alone there are over 335,000 documented automobile accidents each year. In addition, the number of resulting injuries is between 75,000 and 100,000. Each accident impacts the lives of the injured in different ways. Many are minor injuries related to air-bag impact, and others usually result most commonly in broken bones that typically heal in six to eight weeks. However, some are life-changing events that leave the victims health, hopes, and dreams mangled in the accident-carnage never to return again. That’s when you need Case Management Consultants of Michigan. Under the Laws that govern in the State of Michigan (No-Fault) victims that qualify are entitled to certain benefits to assist them in regaining normalcy in their lives following an automobile accident. Unfortunately, those that need assistance the most usually have no idea that these benefits even exist, or how to access the benefits. Again, that’s when you need Case Management Consultants of Michigan.

The Challenge

Many people have tried to improperly access benefits under the Michigan No-Fault Law who truly had no real need for care beyond the initial period of healing. As a result, the delivery of care under No-Fault circumstances has become adversarial in many cases. Rightfully so, Insurance Adjusters have had no choice but to become Harsh Task-Masters in order to screen and weed through “the many who have made it bad for the few”. Individuals with NO Medical or Healthcare background have attempted to enter the No-Fault environment solely for the purpose of profit. They are easy to recognize, their conversations usually revolve totally around money, and there is usually no reference to your actual care or rehabilitation. Unfortunately many of these individuals are Legal Professionals who should know better.

The Process

We want you better. We want you to heal. We want you to regain your former life. We want you to enjoy the life you had before that devastating day that changed it all. And to that end we have developed the Case Management Consultants of Michigan Model of Care Delivery. An outline of the Case Management Consultants of Michigan Model of Care Delivery is provided to your insurance company adjuster along with our rates and all disclosures once we have agreed to take on your case.

The Vission

The Driving Vision that propels Case Management Consultants of Michigan is the goal of making a difference in the lives of those who need Case Management Consultants of Michigan most, by empowering them with information, qualified assistance, and process management toward the achievement of optimal health, self-sufficiency, and family balance. We believe our purpose is more than a mission.

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